We have a huge range of party equipment available for hire. We have supplied the lights, speakers, stands, mixers, and microphones to anything from decent sized house parties, right through to hangar sized spaces, from city centres, to fields in the middle of nowhere.

We can supply anything from a few lights that will automatically change with the music, through to a DMX controlled light show with dry ice machines and lasers.

Each quote is unique to you, depending on the equipment used and the support required to set up, but as there is nothing more annoying than websites that give you no idea what anything costs, here are some examples of what we are able to do...

Image of a garden party.

We supplied a couple of lights and some 400W speakers to this summer garden party with a small marquee for around £60.

We were able to adapt this barn...

Image of cows in a barn.
Image of music equipment and a man playing a guitar.

...into this bonfire night party, with a mixer and PA setup for the musicians, festoon lighting, other party lights, and a smoke machine including all the setup for around £300.

We didn’t move the cows though!

And we turned this climbing wall and archery range in Cambridgeshire...

Image of a climbing wall.
Image of smokey party scene with lights.

...into a full power rave for hundreds of students with custom made staging, our biggest speakers, a full DMX controlled lighting show including lasers, and smoke thick enough that you couldn’t see across the room, for around £500 (excluding travel).