It’s very hard to describe how we can support your event, because in this category everything is so different, but we can help with sound, lighting - including DMX controlled light shows, decorations (we built a 20 foot tall soviet rocket including a smoke machine and a dry ice machine), indoor projection, power and wiring.

We can offer advice in terms of party dynamics, safety, security, and risk assessing based on our experience and qualified staff. If your event is large or commercial, we also have staff that can help secure all the permissions and paperwork required so that you can concentrate on having a great time and making the event a success.

Please get in touch for a free chat. For this kind of work we’re happy to visit your potential venue for free with no strings attached to see how we can help you.

As an example, we organized a “Space Race” themed party (remember the rocket). Very little photography exists unfortunately as pre 1969 technology, including phones and digital cameras, was prohibited as part of the theme. We did manage to get a short video...

Yes - that is one of our staff DJing on the roof of a vintage tractor.

The pictures below also emerged.

For our support in the complete transformation of a barn, a controlled light show, all the effects, smoke and props, two DJ’s and stacks of theming, the organizers paid us under £1500.

Image of party-goers. Image of party-goers.